The Paradise Renal Denervation System

The Paradise® System is approved for sale in markets regulated by the CE mark. Investigational device in the U.S., limited by U.S. Federal law to investigational use only in the United States.

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ReCor Medical has developed a unique therapeutic non-focused ultrasound system for performing renal denervation in patients with hypertension. 

The PARADISE® technology (Percutaneous Renal Denervation System) includes a 6 French catheter with a transducer that emits ultrasound energy circumferentially, allowing for a more efficient renal denervation procedure.  

The Paradise Renal Denervation System is designed to treat overactive nerves leading to the kidney via a minimally invasive procedure.   A small incision is made in the groin.  A small flexible catheter is inserted, and then placed in the artery supplying the kidney.   Ultrasound energy (sound waves) is delivered to the tissue surrounding the artery for several seconds.  The ultrasound energy generates heat to decrease the over-activity of the nerves leading to the kidney.  Both kidneys are treated.  Following treatment, the device is removed.

The Paradise Renal Denervation Catheter within the artery. The red circle indicates the heat generated from the ultrasound energy in the tissue delivering energy within the artery. The blue circle indicates active cooling from circulating water within the artery to protect the artery from heat.

The white rings illustrate the heat deposited in the tissue, to decrease the over-activity of the nerves leading to the kidney. Each ring represents one 7-second treatment. Two to three treatments are delivered to the left and right main arteries supplying the kidney.