11:00 am12:20 pm (CDT) Sep 12, 2020

Recent Advances Session | KCVD Council Symposia: BP Genetics 2.0: Beyond Monogenetic Investigation

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Moderator: Alicia A. McDonough, PhD, FAHA, Los Angeles, California

11:00 am

Genetic Determinants of Blood Pressure Determinants in Trans-Ethnic Association Studies 

Adriana Hung, MD, MPH, Nashville, Tennessee

11:20 am

Blood Pressure Genetic Risk Score Predicts Blood Pressure Responses to Dietary Sodium and Potassium 

Tanika Kelly, PhD, MPH, New Orleans, Louisiana

 11:40 am

GSTM1 Gene, Diet and Kidney Disease Progression 

Thu H. Le, MD, FAHA, Rochester, New York