8:50 am11:00 am (CDT) Sep 12, 2020

Awards Session

Access Sessions

8:50 am


9:00 am    

Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecture | From Brain to Blood Vessel: Insights From Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Recordings

John Floras, MD, Dphil, FAHA, Toronto, Ontario

9:20 am

Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture | NO News Is Good News

Jennifer S. Pollock, PhD, FAHA, FAPS, Birmingham, Alabama

9:40 am

Harriet Dustan Award Lecture | Chemerin: A Connection Between Obesity and Hypertension

Stephanie Watts, PhD, FAHA, East Lansing, Michigan

10:00  am

Donald Seldin Lecture | Regulation of Blood Pressure by Renal Intercalated Cells

Susan M. Wall, MD, FAHA, Atlanta, Georgia

10:20 am

Mid-Career Award for Research Excellence | Heme Redox Cycling and Blood Pressure Control

Adam Straub, PhD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10:40 am

Harry Goldblatt Award for New Investigators | Role of Oxidative Protein Modifications in Salt-Induced Hypertension and Kidney Disease

Annet Kirabo, DVM, PhD, FAHA, Nashville, Tennessee